Sunday, 13 December 2015

I was wondering what to do for next year's hackathon "hacknroll" in end-January. I don't think I want to build a website from scratch because

1. I am only familiar with the View for pure HTML/CSS + a few other frameworks
2. I am still lost in Ruby on Rails and that will either slow down or stop me from hacking all day.
3. I don't think a website is any appealing for a Hackathon project unless it has functions inside... applications.

So I want to build an application. I will not be well-versed in Java because it will be my official 2nd week into Java. Then how about web application? I am okay with JavaScript as a programming language by itself so I think I will spend some part of the remaining vacation bridging my understanding with programming applications. But pure JavaScript does not seem fun enough; I think I will try ReactJS since my senior from NUS Hackers taught for a ReactJS workshop in hackerschool and I should put that to good practice. I already put what I learnt from HTML/CSS into practice with this web page. As for pure JavaScript... another day!!!!

I find it really strange that sometimes it snows on my web page and sometimes it doesn't.

I am not sure/forgot how to access my files, so I start with the I.P. address first.

This page looks like the download page for NUS CS1020.

Finally! But I don't know why I end up downloaded the .html~ file when I click it. I don't know what the additional "~" means.

For the start_server shell script, I used "python -m StartHTTPServer" as seen in my senior's workshop material.

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