Saturday, 10 October 2015

MSN was the trend back in 2007. I created a Hotmail account, and I discovered that I could have a "" that would be associated with my email address. That's when blogging became a part of my life, and subsequently, a part of me.

"Blogging meets girl. Girl meets blogging."

It was also the trend to have a "" and so I created a blogger account which was linked to my Hotmail in 2008. I remember my very first domain was "". I did not bothered to blog so much there. But I visited "" to find a blogskin.

It was also around 2008 that my spaces got closed down and I was given a chance to export it to WordPress. I exported to "" but I was so uncomfortable with this unfamiliar UI that I was not that active on WordPress.

I permanently switched over to Blogger (and am still here). I found a winter-themed blogskin and I decided to rename my blog to GlacieRaiN once and for all.

But one thing kept bugging me: the credits. I wish there would be no such thing, or at least let my name be the one to fill it up. That would entail building my own design. I did not know what HTML was. Time to play with fire to understand fire. It was the year 2009. I still refused to study for my examinations.

I scoured through "" again to find a blogskin with an appealing layout. I changed some of the numbers, and the boxes were resized and repositioned accordingly. It was magic. I changed more of these numbers.

Next, colours, images, and finally a blogskin that seemed original enough to call it my own. The skeleton, things like "<div class = "bg">" were taboo, because I did not understand the implication of changing them. Unlike numbers.

Repeat. And 10 blogskins were made in a span of 2 or 3 years. Some, like new malware, are simply variants of their older counterparts (but my blogskins are not malicious!). So there was actually a lot more to learn. All 10 retained their skeleton. Some were embellished with JavaScript copied from elsewhere. At that time, I had no inkling what JavaScript was.

Fast forward to between 2011 and 2012. I believed I did a final edit on my current blogskin at "" and in 2012, I became more steeped in homework from school, and blogging about unrequited love which I find silly and even ludicrous now. I did study for my examinations few months before it. There was no room for HTML.

2013 to 2014 was totally filled up by commitments in the school's Symphonic Band, Harmonica Orchestra and String Orchestra (the latter two being consecutive commitments instead of simultaneous) as well as my internal examinations. There was no room for tinkering, but I was sure something in me sparked. The desire to learn about what I was blindly hacking in the past.

Now here I am.

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