Sunday, 6 December 2015

This blog's appearance is almost totally done by me, and so it's rough and shoddy. I decided to seriously consider integrating Bootstrap into the HTML script. But I won't start so soon... probably tomorrow night.

Today, I did three things:

1. Rush through the CS3226 lectures to check out the syllabus because I do not seem to absorb as well in this module as of now. Maybe it is also due to the fact that there are no videos. I felt like I caught up decently in SQL.

This looks like some Capture-The-Flag thing. Somehow I guessed it right for the first level, and of course I wasn't so lucky afterwards... but I managed to change the appearance of the website in level 2, making it really ugly.

2. Started checking out CS2010. I only watched the introduction to Priority Queue by the same lecturer in (1). I feel that this lecturer is a pretty popular one...

3. I tried to write a linked list interface (which seems to me like a public abstract class), list node data type (which is a public class), a basic linked list data structure (which is also a public class), and a basic linked list test class with the main method (which is yet again a public class).

There were so many errors that after I "corrected" some, others and more will appear. After much struggling, I gave up I looked at the uploaded files on the CS1020 module website.

I had a lot of mistakes in generic data typing and I got confused between similar-looking methods in different classes. Just because both methods have the same output does not mean they should be called in the same way because they are from different classes. Long story short, I got confused with the access (i.e. private).

The only correct files I wrote were the interface and the list node data type. Defining the data structure class was hell and I seek to improve.

public class ExtendedLinkedList <E> {
    public static void addAfter(ListNode <E> node, E item) {

    public static E removeAfter(ListNode <E> node) {

TailedLinkedList, DListNode, DoublyLinkedList, etc.
ADT: Stack, Queue, etc.
Sort: Bubble, Selection, Insertion, Merge, Quick, Radix, etc.

4. I received an e-mail stating that I need to submit a Scratch application too... I did some minor changes because my computer/Scratch lags and the music does not end in time to match with the bass entering in the second iteration.

I think there is just way too much music here but that's what I like and I might not even be the only one.

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