Monday, 7 December 2015

I had been mischievous this year and I accidentally wiped out my recovery partition (the second rectangle from the left). I am not sure how much the Linux Swap should occupy but after extensive surfing of the net, it seemed to point to 2 GB. I hope to learn more about this someday by asking someone, as for serious reading, maybe at least after my Computer Organisation classes. The 93 GB was supposed to be 100 GB and it was thought to be the D-drive. The largest rectangle on its left belongs to my Windows 7, and the one on the rightmost belongs to Ubuntu 14.04.

I remember once messing my partitions so much that I had 7 partitions... If my parents have any old (but not too slow) computers, I would want to try multiple-OS boot for experimental interests... the laptop my dad gave me was not powerful (and I don't feel like removing the Vista OS).

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