Saturday, 12 December 2015

This screen shot was from last week. Just this Thursday, my boss taught me how to pull from other people's repository. The fact that he had to teach me this is a warning that the "me" now is in no position to teach a basic Git workshop. But I will not stay the same. I'm glad my boss is very patient with me. I hope he won't be too disappoint with me unable to insert a light box inside the "About" page. I read the documentations for Magnific Popup but no matter how I tried to insert snippets of their examples (sometimes customising accordingly to my images) into the .html.erb file, Rails will crash. I can't help but think I am not understanding something concerning routing about their light box.

This was my progress during the second meeting. The first half of this meeting was spent on changing the footer. The footer I created initially was very wordy because I copied from the original website. The cat's from placekitten by the way. Very adorable but I'd wish there's a random cat generator. Smells like a project.

The pictures are just a joke. This is a simple usage of the Foundation's grid system. But as my boss had said, there must be borders so that the pictures and words can be grouped together.

Foundation ensures that the start and end columns are aligned. I tried to collapse it but to no avail. I pushed this to the repository and created a pull request. Hopefully somebody could shed some light on this. I spent too much time.

Some concepts in Rails are still hazy to me. It is a whole new world to web development for me: I guess I was doing web design all along.

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