Sunday, 20 December 2015

Due to my lack of familiarity with VirtualBox, I had to "reinstall" openSUSE on one of the virtual machines in my second computer. I hope to be familiar enough with both VirtualBox and openSUSE so that I can actually do some homework inside. I don't think I want to be familiar with an old OS like Windows Vista.

I chose openSUSE because

1. ArchLinux was too intimidating
2. Linux Mint does not load
3. I already had a taste of Ubuntu
4. I already had a taste of Fedora, although I barely use it

And I chose the KDE Desktop because it is different from the GNOME one on Ubuntu. As of now, I still like GNOME more. One click = execute just does not seem right to me, and there are other differences to be discovered... just reading online does not do enough justice to this OS/Desktop.

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