Thursday, 10 December 2015

I finally got serious and spent the entire day writing to this file! I had the grid structure ready (from the HTML5/CSS3 Workshop held by NUS Hackers). My job that whole day (Monday) was to gather images of Inori, choose fonts from Google, colour the columns, and mobile-optimise the page. I'm thankful for these tools (Google search engine and fonts, Photobucket image hosting, W3Schools for tutorials, and Inori fans who uploaded her pictures) and now I'm feeling a bit sheepish for not inserting a Credits corner. Alright, that will be my next push.

This one's for my personal diary blog. A screenshot of the page is attached below. I did not use any Bootstrap here so I find mobile optimisation really difficult. I have not succeeded yet, and I am a bit tired because my Webmaster duties have officially started and I should be focusing on revamping the faculty club's website ( As of now I am constructing the Header and Footer view. I have to go to school tomorrow (or today, since it is already 12.30am) to continue working on them. I think I am a bit slow and I feel guilty for it... I had another meeting today and I had to put the duty aside for the day.

I think I will go to sleep soon. I did not install Ruby on Rails in Windows, but I enjoyed constructing the view for my personal blogs in Windows... Notepad++. Now this brings the question: Am I really appreciating Windows? My school gave computing students a premium DreamSpark account but I have yet to install what I downloaded. I downloaded Windows 8.1, Virtual PC, SQL Server 2016 and a few more.

I think my procrastination in using these products are because I already run a dual-boot and I have their counterparts in that operating system. For SQL, I am not familiar with it but I conduct my operations through phpMyAdmin. For Virtual PC, I have VMWare Player here and I stuffed in Fedora for fun. I barely touch it because it loads really slowly. I was taught that SSD improves performance and speed especially for reading files but I guess it applies to loading VMs too.

I am really comfortable with Windows 7 and I am just resistant to change. There also a lot of other stuff to do and I will thus postpone exploration.

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