Sunday, 13 December 2015

Yesterday, or more like 2 days ago because it is going to be 1am now, I installed Windows 8.1 into my mother's desktop. For some unknown reason, she could not connect our home's Wi-Fi on Windows 7 but she could do so in the Ubuntu 14.04 I installed for her.

Now this clean install of Windows 8.1 is working fine and pleasantly according to my mother, as she liked how the text looked (I did not go to find out how to customise this kind of view but it should be possible).

However, I dare not recklessly uninstall Ubuntu from her computer like how I do to mine a few times (once was not enough to teach me a lesson) by deleting the partition and thinking (wrongly) that life is back to normal once again.

I am going to work next week, but I hope I will have time to find out how to cleanly uninstall Ubuntu. If you have any sure-win recipe for this, please let me know!! I got this Windows 8.1 operating system from my DreamSpark Premium account which my school gave me. There are other software, but I find it difficult to put them to use when my collaborators use Linux or Mac only.

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