Saturday, 30 January 2016

For the past few weeks, I was dedicated to the organisation of my school's hackathon and my programming assignments.

Testing out the live-streaming in SR3 from SR1. We did not use it in the end. I felt that the logistics hell had to do with me, but nobody criticised me. I am worried about next year - I want to help out even in the dead of the night, yet at the same time I do not want my parents to worry.

A picture of SR3 in which I failed to distinguish between the smaller and bigger tables. I caused my team member and volunteer to re-do half of their furniture movements. I have learnt from this, I hope to make next year's operation way smoother.

The pantry in the basement for Hack & Roll 2016. You may observe the OCD on the part of the biscuits.

This is no longer related to Hack & Roll 2016. This is the equipment (Logic Trainer) I will be using for my CS2100 Computer Organisation laboratory sessions.

My integrated circuit (IC) chip passed.

The yellow tool is a logic probe. I was not introduced to it, but it was lying around the toolbox and so I had a go with it. I replaced the LED connection with the logic probe.

Next up: I have a deadline closing up (5 Feb) for the making of a Google Login mechanism to be integrated into a Ruby on Rails website.

1. A login page and a landing page (dashboard)
2. Google login for only one particular email domain
3. Ruby on Rails

As of now, I am totally stuck. I created a very insecure login because I do not know how to restrict redirection to only successful logins.

I am also looking for an internship. Interested fields:
1. Software engineering
2. Data analytics
3. Machine learning
4. Computer security research

They sound like everything..., but I wish to remain open to options.

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