Saturday, 19 March 2016

For my lab lessons this week and next week, I will be using QtSpim, a MIPS 32 simulator.

I am supposed to write additional assembly code to capitalise one of the characters. My lecturer had an urgent family matter this week and we were tasked to watch his webcast from the previous academic year so that we will not fall behind.

I think that this is a very inspirational and motivational story. However, if I were his student back then, I would probably feel less inspired because I would have been very likely to be late for my next class.

I tried to write my message and I got a converter to verify it for me. But I am unable to get the message printed due to some errors which I could not correct, one of which was memory out of bounds. I read up the purpose of setting $v0 to various bits - they inform the computer which service should be provided at each syscall. I am still confused about how to print out the bits in the register as a string.

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