Sunday, 26 June 2016

For the whole of yesterday and half of today, I was at the HDB Cool Ideas Hack 2016. My team is "HDB Crawler".

Our project aims to connect HDB residents to HDB through an event organiser system.

The residents will be using the mobile application to find out about upcoming HDB events, past HDB events, and HDB events that they are going for. They may RSVP to upcoming events, or submit feedback about past events in the same platform.

The HDB administrators will be using the web application to manage events, changes of which would be reflected in the mobile application accordingly in real-time. They may also view feedback from the residents pertaining to any particular event, and gauge an overall rating through Watson's sentiment analysis.

The source code for our mobile application can be found here. As for our web application, it is currently with my team mate Ashish.

Below are some websites that I was browsing through during the reception before the prize presentation:
I learnt in this hackathon that I am still not ready for the harshness of the outside world. My team leader had to do most of my work for me. I felt that my contribution was insignificant. I realised where I stand amongst these 260 passionate participants. For my next hackathon, which will be a long while later, I am determined to be geared up with my personal snippets of algorithms and templates.

And now, I will be back to my usual lifestyle, but with a sweet shift of how I am going to pursue my dreams.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Once again, somebody has complained about my website being too personal and thus unprofessional. Hence, I have decided to conduct a CSS overhaul here.

  1. Replace background image with background-color
  2. Remove border, font-size and line-height increase for a:hover effect
  3. Remove Google fonts import
  4. Update font-family to Helvetica
  5. Update font-size and line-height for every heading, paragraph, body or class
  6. Update image width to 100% for every post
  7. Update profile and milestones (renamed to "The Hacks")
  8. And probably one or two more tiny updates I left out

Will be creating a whole new repository out of this source code. 

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

My team mate is returning to Singapore today (Sunday)... and I am rushing out this simple feature so that we can focus on the more complicated features together (e.g. Backup, import, export, etc.)

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