Thursday, 9 November 2017

On Monday, I got to see all the wonderful stuff my classmates have been building.

As I cannot remember the presentations in exact order, I will go with what my memory churns out.

The first presentation was by Pawsome. Actually I have been visiting their site a few times some time ago. I was devastated that I could not log in. Even during the presentation itself I could not log in. I forgot if they said it was in production already or not.

The site is super pretty in my opinion. I love all the graphics.

However, I found it unwieldy to have the action menu come out from the bottom. This is because I use the site from my laptop. On the phone, this would have been super intuitive.

And I thought My Bio and About Me are equivalent... this is a small problem so I will not go on beyond posting the relevant screenshot. Some parts of the site are a little buggy... if you see the previous screenshot, there is a "Visit us on FB" but those buttons were not there when I first visited. I'm not sure what is going on.

Yeah this will be my 3rd and last screenshot of Pawsome. Really pretty site. But oh yeah the JavaScript console still shows debug output.

Next, we have a delivery app + admin system for a food business company: Wu Li Hao Pte Ltd. Although there was not much focus on the aesthetics, I like the features of the system. The delivery app is a mobile app, to be used by the deliverymen, while the admin system is a Desktop app (which connects to a central server of course) which coordinates / assigns the deliveries. There are even sophisticated features like generating invoices and assigning vehicles. The mobile app also exists in two languages. While these could be requirements from the company, it is great that the team managed to produce these in such a short amount of time.

I cannot remember who came immediately after Wu Li Hao Pte Ltd, but I remember there was Pair. It is essentially matchmaking for your friends. So our friends might not want to swipe people's faces due to all sorts of reasons, embarrassment, laziness, etc., so as their bros and sistas we swipe for them and jio them into this app. It is a mobile app. I like the graphics (: it is really cute, but unfortunately I could not find the app on Play Store even though they said it's up? The demo had a bug but that's just a small thing. I would wanna sign up, if they make the app accessible. I have many single and eligible friends around.

Afterwards, there was HunQRy, but regretfully, I remember the least about this team. It could be because I was trying to fix my project's new API at that time. So I can't say anything about this.

The presentation which made me a bit upset was NUS Attend. I could not even access the landing page at first (too laggy), and afterwards when I managed to load the page after x times, I could not sign in to IVLE because (too laggy). Perhaps the app should not load ALL the data from IVLE, or do it asynchronously, so that users won't be seeing the tab spinner for eternity. In the end, I never managed to log in and have my attendance taken. So there goes my attendance points... ): However, I really like the data processing features (to CSV and stuff) but I thought there could be more. I guess IVLE is being a real pain.

Before us, SGI Path Finder went up to present. Jovin was thankful that they helped us introduce SGInnovate to the class (so that he does not need to do it :P). I thought that the team came up with sufficient stuff for only starting work for about 2 weeks. The higher-ups kept rejecting their idea, and actually I do not really understand why. I thought they just had to do a closed social network between start-up founders and investors. So I could not comprehend or empathize why they could not pull through the approval phase..., I don't really understand what the higher-ups are thinking. Would be nice if we could find out more.

Anyway, on to the UI, I did not like the background image, because it was so blur I had no idea what it was. And as said by the TAs, the main column in the centre containing all the data is too skinny. But that is a small problem. What was more problematic to me was that the navigation menu on the left was barely visible to me, and I did not know I could scroll through the data column with the navigation menu. I liked the annotation feature though, but the feature could have been more prominent, either with a description at the top of the page to encourage annotation, or make the icon bigger. Okay, more like I had no idea what the icon meant. It was either a pen icon or a speech bubble icon, but I had no idea what it meant. The pen icon would have insinuated "Edit", which is definitely not the case. In any case, I could not remember the exact icon used.

Then it was us. I refused to come up because I felt that whatever I said would be uninformative. So I concentrated on trying to fix my new API (I ended up fixing it only the day after).

I remember Timeliss presented... before SGI Path Finder? I cannot remember. The site had a very nice hue, but I did not copy down the URL so I cannot test it... there was a Q&A on detecting when somebody passes on. One possible solution is to work with the official announcers and get their information (e.g. hospitals, newspapers, etc.). I can't say much about this project, I was probably zoning out because I don't want to think about death yet..., or maybe, "Let come what comes".

Last but not least, we had the cryptocurrency farmers. They propagated the rigs and their boss is probably earning x times their salary with every second. Again, I could not remember much even though this was the last team that presented. Maybe I should have taken notes.

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